Treatment Rooms & Booking

As you may already know the new space at the clinic has two treatment rooms that operate along-side each other. If you are not used to a multi-room clinic here is some information on how things work.

Benefits of an additional treatment space?

Firstly, this will reduce waiting times to see me as I can accommodate two patients in the clinic at once. This will make a great difference for the outcome of treatment, especially those who need assistance quickly due to heightened emotions or physical injury. It also means you can attend at the same time as a friend or loved one to reduce travel times and disruption to your daily duties. Getting treatment sooner can make a huge difference to outcomes.

How the rooms are occupied

A typical scenario would be this… you arrive at 10am for your treatment. We discuss your needs; you receive the same physical assessment or massage and then the needles are set and you can rest in peace. No change there.

As you are resting patient two will arrive at the clinic at 10.45 am and shown into treatment room two and the process repeats. When they are set up and resting, your needles will be removed and you are given a short time to refresh.

This time will allow both patients a period of quiet time and a minimum of 30 minutes ‘needle time’ which is the optimum required time for Acupuncture unless you are booked for a longer session. Please allow 45-55 minutes for your appointments

Will I hear the other patients? Will they hear me?

When the clinic rooms were designed, they were created with highly acoustic and sound proofing materials to minimise as much sound between rooms as possible so you can feel comfortable while talking about your needs in each treatment room.

Your privacy and comfort are especially important while attending the clinic space.

During these times of treatments, I will arrange the appointments, so no-one will meet other patients during their appointments, which retains privacy and complies with the need for social distancing in a clinic environment.

(Please note, all consultations for new patients are provided with a clear clinic as the assessment requires more time and space)

More benefits for you!

One of the best things about having an additional treatment room is having a certain flexibility of time. If you need that extra five or ten minutes and there’s space to accommodate this, then that’s okay with me. A treatment takes as long as it needs.

I prefer a one-on-one experience…. can I still book as before?

That’s absolutely fine with me. I understand that many have grown to like the privacy of being treated alone at the clinic and enjoying the space and tranquility it brings. This is especially important for those who suffer with stress or emotional symptoms and really need to disconnect from the noise of life for short while. Sometimes people really need to get things off their chest and have a good natter in private, I understand that too.

You can still opt for this at the clinic when booking an hour slot (Acupuncture & Massage) and have the whole clinic to yourself. This may mean that there might be less of these appointments available if everyone is booking and saving with the other appointment options. So, if you need a natter and a nap, probably best to book ahead. If you don’t see anything soon enough, always check the other appointment choices for availability.

On the other side of the coin, I also understand that there is a need for some to get treatment immediately. This is very important. Some might seek to save a little money or need to commit to a longer treatment plan so the option of being able to arrange an appointment as soon as possible and have treatment, regardless of the set-up will be a great asset for everyone.

What happens now?

Not much really, as mentioned before, it’s all quite simple. The booking system will change slightly, you may see more availability of acupuncture sessions when looking online. Just go ahead and book as normal until you have decided what works best for you. Any problems do not hesitate to call me on 01453 828000 for a quick chat.

I look forward to seeing you soon in clinic and helping you with your recovery and happiness.