Latest Clinic Update Nov 2021 - Guidelines and Requirements

I recommend that all patients read the latest clinic information prior to scheduling an appointment.

The clinic has now moved to new premises at 18 Queens Road, three doors up from the old clinic. 
Ring the bell on the door when you arrive for your session and wait.

Changes to treatment booking and durations

Your appointment type or duration may have changed since you last visited the clinic. 
Please check the information below before selecting your booking or call for further help.

If you have any questions or you are unsure which treatment to book please call the clinic on 01453 828000

Online Appointment Booking

Changing or cancelling your appointment

Appointments can be rescheduled via your confirmation email up to 24 hours before your session.

You can cancel an appointment up to 24 hours before your session by calling the clinic on 01453 828000 

Emails are not accepted for cancellations.

Late cancellations after this time carry a 50% charge

New Patients Consultation - 70 min

If you are new to the clinic or you have not attended in 3 years.
Physical & Verbal Assessment prior to treatment.
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Standard Follow-Up Treatment - 45 min

For those receiving regular (1/2/4 weekly) treatment of Acupuncture/Physical Therapy.
Suitable for acute/sub-acute symptoms (21 days or less)

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Extended Follow-Up Treatment - 70 min

If you have not attended the clinic for more than 6 weeks OR your presenting symptoms require additional therapy for physical or sports injury, pain relief, recurring emotional stress or a general maintenance treatment, I recommend a longer session for sustainable results and better recovery.
Suitable for chronic symptoms and illness (1 month or more)

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Twin Session Booking for Two Patients - Up to 70 Min

The clinic twin session booking is ideal for partners and friends or family members to attend at the same time. The main benefits of a twin session is to save travel times, increase availability and save money compared to booking two separate sessions.
Parents who are required to attend the clinic with their child can also receive their treatment at the same time.
Each patient receives a standard 45 minute follow-up treatment with additional time to rest.

All new patients are required to attend a New Patient Consultation prior to booking a twin session.
A 10% discount is offered for this booking
Qigong Classes/ Workshops & Events

Join one of my weekly Qigong classes, health workshops or 1:1 private training

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