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Patient Information
  • Patients are required to wear suitable clothing to each appointment
  • Loose comfortable clothing that provides access to the elbows and knees is suitable.
  • Please be prompt to your appointment. We cannot extend your appointment if you are late.
  • Notify your practitioner of any changes to health at each session.
  • DO NOT bring any contagious illness to the clinic. If you are unsure please call prior to attending the clinic.


  • All new patients are required to book an initial consultation. If you have not attended the clinic within the last 12 months then you will need a re-assessment consultation.
  • Younger patients (under 18) and Children must be accompanied buy a parent or guardian.
  • At SHC we apply a full charge for missed appointments. You can re-schedule via your payment  portal after booking.
  • REGISTER FOR ACCOUNT to receive text and email reminders. This will make booking and rescheduling your appointment much easier.
  • If you would like to book your appointment over the phone please call 01453 828000. Please be aware there me be a delay in returning your call.
  • There is a 5% charge made payable for cancelled/refunded payments.

Call the clinic on 01453 828000

You can also send a text message to 07813 921336

 Stonehouse Holistic Centre, 12 Queens Road, Stonehouse,Gloucestershire, GL10 2QA Tel: 07813 921336 / 01453 828000

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