Latest Update July 21th 2021

Important - Please read before making your booking 

Covid & Flu Vaccinations - If you have recently received a Flu or Coronavirus vaccination PLEASE DO NOT visit the clinic for 7 days. This will give your body time to adjust to the new medicine. Rest easy and i will see you soon.

Existing patients - The clinic remains open as usual for continued treatment. Please book below as normal

New PatientsPlease call the clinic on 01453 828000 prior to booking online.

Face Masks are not legally required but optional for everyone attending the clinic. Your practitioner may wear a visor for treating vulnerable patients or those with compromised immune responses.

NHS Track and Trace A QR code is available for those using the track and trace app. This is not a legal requirement. 

Only one person can attend the clinic at any one time. Do not bring any company unless pre-arranged. The clinic door will be closed during treatments and cleaning times to minimise others entering the space. This means the door will only be open at the time of your appointment so please do not arrive too early or late. You can wait in your car if possible.

Hygiene Practice - A touch-free hand-sanitiser has been installed in the waiting area. All patients must use this prior to treatment.

How safe is the clinic space? - The clinic has always upheld strict practices of hygiene and patient safety.

Your Responsibility - As a practitioner it is my responsibility to protect the public, myself and close family members. I expect all patients to be equally responsible and be aware of their health prior to attending the clinic. If you show signs of any symptoms of illness DO NOT attend the clinic space. We all have children and elderly loved ones around us that must be protected, especially those with existing health conditions that may be vulnerable to illness.

If you have any concerns regarding visiting the clinic prior to booking, please call to discuss your needs before booking.

Call the clinic on  01453 828000 for more info


The clinic has now moved to new premises at 18 Queens Road, three doors up from the old clinic. 
Please knock on the door when you arrive for your session.


The new clinic has two treatment rooms that run along side each other to reduce waiting times and also aid the need for emergency treatments during injury. 

Appointment bookings are arranged to meet clinical distancing and hygiene standards of safety.
I understand that some patients like to have a good chat and a 'nap' or prefer a more individual and private experience at the clinic, please select the longer hour session to reduce any disturbances.

If you are unsure please see my separate page for details about the treatment rooms and booking


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