Patient Notice:

Coronavirus Vaccinations, Flu Injections & Nasal Sprays

If you have recently had or directly live with someone who has has the Flu Jab, Nasal Spray or Coronavirus Vaccination, or you are due to have it. We ask that you wait 7 days before attending the clinic for treatment.

This will give your body time to adjust to the medicine... so get some good rest and stay active and we'll see you shortly.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Please call the clinic if you would like to chat prior to booking. Telephone: 01453 828000

Pre-Treatment Information

  1. All patients are required to wear the correct clothing. Loose comfortable clothing is preferred.

  2. If incorrect clothing affects the application of treatment you may be asked to remove clothing or refused treatment.

  3. Access to the knees and elbows is needed for the majority of Acupuncture treatments.

  4. Access to an injured or symptomatic area is required for treatment. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing or discuss the matter further at your clinic visit.

  5. DO NOT visit the clinic if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness within the last 5 days and 10 days if you have received a vaccination of any type.

  6. You can reschedule your appointment via your confirmation email up to 24 hours before your appointment.

  7. Emails are not accepted for cancellations. Please call the clinic on 01453 828000 for assistance.

  8. Late cancellations and failure to attend your appointment will be charged at the full rate of your session.

About Your Treatment

Physical Therapy

  • Tui Na massage is performed fully clothed and requires a suitable form of clothing to be worn.
  • The practitioner will inform you of this, or supply you with a suitable garment.
  • Due to the production process of some garments the design can cause rubbing of the skin.
  • Tui Na Massage is a deep tissue systems and require constant feedback from the patient in order to provide an effective treatment.
  • Bodyworking involves stretching and manipulation techniques which are performed to the patient’s personal comfort; you must inform the practitioner when this threshold has been reached.
  • In chronic conditions some discomfort may be felt in the first stages of treatment.
  • Should you experience any discomfort or acute sensations, you must inform the practitioner immediately.

     Acupuncture Treatment

  • The requested information is necessary for your safety and to benefit your health. Your treatment will be safe and professional, but certain medical conditions may impose certain limitations.
  • Acupuncture is a very safe procedure but can pose some reactions in patients.
  • In some cases Acupuncture may produce a stinging or burning sensation, bruising may occur around the site of needling, there may be some discomfort for a short duration following Acupuncture or minor localized bleeding may also occur.
  • Although these reactions are rarely experienced it must be noted that this possibility may arise.
  • If you feel that you have suffered from any of the above following a treatment that is of concern to you and wish to discuss it, please contact your practitioner who will be able to discuss the matter with you.